The Quiz

On a scale of 1 to 10 in your organization:

Time has been spent thinking about, planning and designing the organizational culture.

There is as much emphasis placed on the right work environment and how to work together as there is on financial results.

There is a written set of cultural and behavioral expectations.

Leadership goes to extraordinary efforts to lead by example and do what they expect others in the organization to do.

There is an orientation process where new team members and introduced and trained in the organizational culture.

Those who act in ways that are congruent with the cultural expectations are recognized.

Hiring takes place with cultural expectations in mind with emphasis on attracting and hiring those who are congruent with the culture.

The physical work environment reflects the cultural values.

There are regularly scheduled activities that reinforce the organizational culture and pull the team together to work better as a whole.

Team members work to reflect the organizational culture in all areas of what they do.

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